🌈 Firestarter Donation Store

Purchase in-game ranks/rewards and help us host the server! All donations go straight towards improving the server.

✨ Why do we need your donations?

As you may already know, running a Minecraft server is not cheap. There are many monthly costs associated with running the server, from server hosting to purchasing plugins and paying for services. For your main machine, we have a Ryzen 3600 with 32GB RAM and 1TB of NVMe storage - that hardware is not cheap. We also pay around $30 per month for various VPS's and load balancing. In short, there are a lot of bills we have to pay! With your continued support and donations, we'll be able to pay these bills and use profits to improve the server :)

✨ What can I do to support the server?

Literally any purchase helps! If you want something in-game for your donations, feel free to purchase a rank or network booster. If you would like to help us out directly or monthly, you can also donate at the Patreon page. Thank you!

Your donations are greatly appreciated!